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Tenement Management

Tenement Management

Classic Information Systems have dedicated a whole module to cater for Tenement Management software for mining, exploration and Oil and Gas companies to precisely track expenditure across your tenements, track anniversary dates and ensuring regulatory tenement report requirements. The multifaceted tools within this module help improve data veracity; comprehensive reporting on AFE’s, comply with your anniversary dates and works in conjunction with the costing module including joint ventures model and form 5 reporting.

Tenement management is specifically catered for due dates recorded for Tech reporting, Rehab reports, Environmental Studies and Grant Anniversary.

Classic Information’s tenement management benefits include:

  • Accurate expenditure storage across individual and collective tenements
  • Detailed analyses of costing and cross accounting period boundaries through CapEx Accounting and AFE.
  • Centre of the costing and purchasing side of the accounting system, including estimating and project scheduling as well as costing.
  • Integration into your General Ledger
  • Allocates tenement costs through multi-activity/multi-phasing estimating and costing
  • Retain transaction history from inception of the project – individual and/or collective
  • Deals with cross accounting period boundaries
  • Special set of coding to provide costs of Form 5 reporting

Tenement Management embodies Classic’s commitment to full integration linking directly with Payroll, Inventory, Accounts Payable, Requisitions,  Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliation.

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