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InfoScope eliminates boundaries found in traditional systems by optimising every piece of information through limitless connections and visually integrated presentation.

The system provides secure, powerful, comprehensive management of all information to operate efficiently, meet compliance requirements and reduce risk.

  • Discover new insights through connected data
  • Drive better efficiencies through informed decisions
  • Deliver more sustainable outcomes for your business

Native Title Claims

Manage Information on all organisations and people related to the claim boundary or area of interest including traditional owners, mining companies, consultants, lawyers, etc.
Manage all family connections, relationships and other information particular to that Aboriginal group

Claims Progression

Establish Records for all matters relation to claim progression including connection to country, historical documents, court transcripts and directions, legal advice, state engagement, representative body funding etc. Establish Genealogical information between traditional owners and country.
Manage information about post claim determination including Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) establishment, trust fund establishment, resourcing and management of various functions and tasks etc.

Operations By Proponents

Manage Information relating to all operations by proponents including mining & exploration companies, government & non-government agencies, and property & infrastructure developers.
Manage all communications with various stakeholders and store documents & agreements that the native title group has with third parties.
Manage the tenement and infrastructure footprints on country through spatial and textual information

Cultural Heritage

Manage cultural heritage information that is related to the country by storing precise information, survey reports, photos, archaeological & anthropological reports, maps etc.
Manage cultural heritage surveys and finds from existing or upcoming projects.
Manage information that may enable the Aboriginal group to be its own service provider, including who participates in surveys, frequency of participation, training and field officer training.

Commitments Tracking

Manage payments and commitments by proponents by storing and tracking progress.
Use workflows and notifications to manage issues and communications related to these commitments.
Manage Issues and Communications related to claim progression or court or other procedural matters

Watches & Actions
Track progress through automated watches and initiate appropriate actions.
Email & Communications
Centralise all emails and communications to keep up-to date on the latest progress.
Risk & Compliance
Monitor key risks and obligations through workflows and reminders to ensure compliance.
Integrated Web Maps
Integrate your spatial data to leverage spatial relationships driven through web maps
Document Management
Collate documents through multi-relational tracking and retrieval that eliminates duplication.
Business Workflows
Customise your process workflows based on your unique needs to achieve operational efficiency.
Stakeholder Engagement
Manage multiple stakeholders related to your project including property, community & government.
Tenure Administration
Manage tenure schedules, objections , obligations & expenditure to.
Property Access
Manage property info, access Issues & landholder communications to ensure compliance.
Native Title
Manage Native Title information including spatial boundaries, claimants & negotiations.
Agreement Management
Manage agreements in one place related to various parties, track interest and actions based on terms.
HR & Training
Manage personnel information including skills, certification, training and case management.
Health and Safety
Manage OHS through tracking safety issues, incidents , hazards and the associated risks.
Environment Monitoring
Monitor all environmental activities including Approvals, Obligations & Rehabilitation.
Cultural Heritage
Plan and coordinate CH Surveys, plot sites/fids and evaluate outcomes for disturbance.
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