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InfoScope Benefits

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The InfoScope solution eliminates boundaries found in traditional systems by optimising every piece of information through limitless connections and visually integrated presentation.

The system provides secure, powerful, comprehensive management of all information to operate efficiently, meet compliance requirements and reduce risk.

  • InfoScope greatly simplifies the interrogation and navigation of vast and complex datasets
  • The integration of spatial intelligence greatly enhances the information collaboration
  • Your customised InfoScope platform is ready in days, with real-time data connections to your business
  • Staged deployment environments ensure that the delivered product is of very high quality and as you need
  • Our support services ensure your issues are addressed head-on and resolved in quick time
  • Hosted on the cloud or delivered on your servers, it is still zero maintenance

Collate Seamlessly

InfoScope offers easy custom data integration points from other systems

Save Time & Money

Create comprehensive process workflows and be reminded to ensure timely action

Engage Successfully

Don’t just store information, but gather insights for better outcomes

Embrace Change

Control the challenge of change by powerful admin tools

  • All info is readily accessible to approved users while keeping a record of everyone who views information, and any changes made.
  • The InfoScope Land Access System can support a large number of users and be configured across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Details of meetings, conversations and agreements and all other relevant information is made securely accessible to authorised users.
  • InfoScope’s powerful task and workflow system provides everyone involved in complex and recurring tasks with timely warning of impending requirements.
  • Minimising the potential for punitive costs, and inestimable damage to professional and public reputation.
  • Immediate access to critical documents also minimises the risk of lost time and wasted effort.
  • No data can be lost as nothing is completely deleted and it is always possible to see prior versions of information.
  • The InfoScope System allows you to easily capture business processes and critical information before they walk out the door.
  • InfoScope accumulates evidence to demonstrate compliance with all legislative and negotiated requirements.
  • Our revolutionary navigation system reveals vital connections between data which may not otherwise be apparent.
  • InfoScope also provides secure and controlled sharing of data between different operational divisions.
  • Reducing the potential for information silos to develop
  • Navigate large amounts of information and drill down to specific details quickly.
  • The InfoScope system is designed to support large numbers of users effectively and can be configured across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Keep track of current claims, previous claims, as well as relationships between claimants and organisations.
  • The InfoScope Land Access System provides information securely and immediately to all authorised users.
  • InfoScope is web-based and, therefore, can be utilised anywhere the internet can be accessed
  • InfoScope also provides secure and controlled sharing of data between different operational divisions.
  • InfoScope will provide you with the tools necessary to manage and protect agreements, payments and cultural heritage information.
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