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Classic Chronicle – April 2015


Our shout out on what the Classic Information Systems team is up to!

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Director’s Address

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the time off, but it’s back to work we go. Changes are happening faster than ever at Classic now, and they are shaping our future in a very bright way.

We have implemented a new web based call logging and recording system that is streamlining our support and implementation management thanks to our project manager Mark Vasziljevics. This system is providing an excellent vehicle to deliver better communication and service delivery to our customers and enables us to scale as our business grows.

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you all to Michael Watson as our new Business Development Manager. Michael I have worked with for over 10 years and he brings with him, extensive knowledge on the industry as well as financial and system support skills. We look forward to Michael bringing his knowledge and experience into Classic and in further supporting our clients.

The signing of MITRAIS as a reseller of the Classic ERP for SE Asia is a big forward step for Classic. MITRAIS is a large development and solutions delivery house with operations in Bali, Jakarta, Bandung, Singapore and Vietnam and focused on the mining industry. Now Classic’s expansion into SE Asia is underway, already we have our first new mining client. Congratulations to MITRAIS

-Scott Yull, MD

The Mining, Oil & Gas, Exploration and Engineering software specialists.


For any and all support queries, please send email communications through to the following email address only – unless a Classic support staff contacts you:
Simply address the email to whom you wish to reply, if you have a preference, and outline the issue/concern you wish to raise with us.
We will endeavor to respond to all emails as fast as possible. If we feel there may be a delay is resolving your issue we will contact you accordingly.

Happy Easter!!

Welcome back from a well deserved Easter break! We hope you were able to spend the long-weekend indulging in chocolates and relaxing.


Being a quarter of the way through the year already, Classic is making strides in improving our efficiency as well as restructuring our team to provide more to our clients. 

As business picks up now that the year is on the move, we would like to take this opportunity to showcase the additional products Classic has to offer. It is never too early or too late to increase capabilities and functionality with either of these revolutionary products.

Adaptive Planning offers the leading cloud-based revenue planning, budgeting and forecasting software for cash flow projections, sales planning and balance sheet forecasting. Our cash flow forecasting and sales forecasting software combines a powerful financial modeling engine with and easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface.
InfoScope eliminates the boundaries found in a standard hierarchical file system, allowing a single piece of data to be linked to a limitless number of other pieces of information. The most important thing about InfoScope is that you are able to optimise your information, because all the data is connected in a simple, yet visually sensible sort of way.

Classic Development

Our ideas are only successful when the users, that’s you, need or want them. For your opportunity to tell our programming team what kind of developments you would like to see in the near future, please click on the button below to get in touch!Or even give suggestions for Classic in general!
Tell Us What You Think.

Classic Information Systems &
Mitrais – A Business Alliance

ERP and Accounting Problems for Smaller Mining Companies Resolved!

Mitrais Mining Solutions and Classic Information Systems, have formed a partnership that will make available the Classic mining ERP system in the ASEAN region.

The agreement signed in March appoints Mitrais as Classic’s exclusive ASEAN distributor and non-exclusive globally. Mitrais with it’s over 200 mining clients and operations in Indonesia and Vietnam is the ideal partner for us. No other company can provide the support we are looking for.

Classic ERP is built specifically for the unique needs of mining, oil & gas and exploration companies. Over 60 mining companies in Australia and Africa already use our software and now we will expand regions with Mitrais!

“Classic ERP is perfect for our smaller customers” She Kun, General Manager at Mitrais, explained, “Especially during these difficult days, when controlling costs are so important for the mining industry.”

Are you having problems entering dates in transactions?

Is this date in the first few days of the month? What is going on?

Here’s How:

Again, this relates to the default settings Microsoft has set for each new user. Unfortunately they set the default short date setting to be d/MM/yyyy.

To change these settings, go to:
Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options.
For English (Australian) choose Customize and then the date tab. Change short date setting to be dd/MM/yyyy.

You will need to exit and re-enter Classic for the change to take effect in Classic and you may also need to restart your machine so that Windows uses the new short date setting everywhere for this user.

Do you need to expand your module set?



Thanks for reading – The Classic Marketing Team

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