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Classic Chronicle – January 2015


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Director’s Address

-Scott Yull, MD

The Mining, Oil & Gas, Exploration and Engineering software specialists.

2015: Onward and Upward

A look at the exciting year ahead!

With 2015 well under way, everyone has launched strongly into the new year. Classic is no exception to this! With the full team back in the office now, plans are being constructed and the work is flowing. 

In the not too distant future…

The Classic Development Path:
The development and programming team are currently working on several different areas to improve the functionality and ease of use of the Classic system. 

One such path is the development of a mobile phone application to allow for the approval of requisitions – to make approvals easier and faster! The idea is to allow the functionality of requisition approval without the hassle of having to log onto the system.

However, our ideas are only successful when the users, that’s you, need or want them. For your opportunity to tell our programming team what kind of developments you would like to see in the near future, please click on the button below to get in touch!

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Is Your Software Up To Date?

At Classic we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality and most advanced Accounting and Business Management software to our clients.
The Classic system is now operating on version 8.10 – If your system is not up to date, please click the button below to contact our support team about upgrading today!

Software Upgrade

Would you like Classic to start on your desktop every time you power up?

Here’s How:

Just place a shortcut to the program into the folder called C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Start Menu\Programs\Startup NB. The only error to avoid is to ensure that you do not drag the program into this folder as this action will move the program from its current location.

If you are not experienced in this area, you can do this in two stages.

  1. Right-click on your required program and select Send To and the Desktop (create shortcut)
  2. Move or copy that shortcut from the desktop into the Startup folder. Shortcuts usually have a curly arrow pointing as part of the icon.
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