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Adaptive Planning Modules

Adaptive Planning is the market leader in cloud-based budgeting, forecasting, and reporting. Take advantage of rich functionality and an easy-to-use interface with the world’s most usable cloud CPM application – and elevate your corporate performance management with Adaptive.

Drive Real Competitive Advantage with Adaptive

Companies still using spreadsheets for budgeting and forecasting are crippled by broken links, data integrity issues, and version control errors. But on-premise applications aren’t the solution either – old tools like Hyperion, Cognos, and SAP are expensive and require a skilled IT staff to manage and maintain. There is a better way. Adaptive’s cloud platform enables rapid deployment at an affordable cost with access from anywhere – without the hassles of IT. Our high-performance modeling engine with in-memory calculations and fast data access is a great solution for mid-sized businesses and enterprise organizations alike.


• Replace multiple complex formulas with rules that are easy to create and understand
• Improve accuracy with balanced allocations and no circular references
• Adapt to changing rules, regulations, and company policy with date-effective rules


• Link model elements for dynamic, integrated financial statements
• Create a loan amortization sheet to drive debt calculations
• Perform what-if analyses quickly with different cash scenarios


• Customize for your depreciation method (straight line, double declining, etc.)
• Model effect of capital spending on P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow
• Drive capital spending from headcount, production units, or whatever you wantles


• Save time with automated currency exchange calculations
• Increase flexibility with user-defined exchange rate types
• Enhance reporting capabilities by reporting any data in any currency


• Preserve organizational autonomy for organizations on disparate ERPs or in different languages
• Retain individual models that are easily linked together in Adaptive to report consolidated data
• Improve coordination in complex organizations with different structures and planning cycles


• Track expenses such as project, fund, or program with unlimited custom dimensions
• Incorporate drivers such as cost per trip to plan expenditures
• Establish centralized assumptions and formulas that can be locked from user editing


• Plan by individual, employee type, or group for true flexibility and ease of use
• Calculate detailed payroll taxes (FICA, FUI, SUI, Medicare)
• Allocate headcount and costs across departments or projects
• Set access control to salary detail for tight security


• Integrate with CRM and ERP systems for real-time sales data
• Use spread tables to drive revenue recognition and deferred revenue
• Design your own custom sheets for multidimensional forecasting


• Easily create reports with drag and drop – no scripting or technical skills required
• Slice and dice across dimensions, versions, departments, etc.
• Generate HTML reports and drill in to underlying detail for strategic analysis
• Create presentation-quality board packages dynamically linked across Excel, Word, and PowerPoint

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